Christmas Jumpers Galore In New Seth Rogen Comedy ‘The Night Before’

Most Christmas movies tend to be cosy affairs with lots of Christmas jumpers, mistletoe and bickering family members. With sex, drugs and Miley Cyrus karaoke, The Night Before is not ‘most Christmas comedy films’, but its stars will still be rocking some awesome jumpers.

The Night Before stars Seth Rogen (Isaac), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Ethan) and Anthony Mackie (Chris) as three friends who have spent ever Christmas Eve together since Ethan’s parents died. Now that they are reaching new stages in their lives, they decide to keep the tradition going for just one more year and go out on a high.

Isaac’s wife Betsy (Jillian Bell) takes ‘going out on a high’ literally, giving them a whole stash of drugs to help them enjoy their evening. If you’ve seen The Hangover, you know that giving a bunch of friends some drugs (intentionally or not) on a big night out is a recipe for disaster. It’s also a recipe for what will hopefully be one of the best Christmas movies in recent years.

Of course, no modern Christmas comedy would be complete without some awesome Christmas jumpers, and Rogen, Gordon-Levitt and Mackie are wearing theirs pretty much throughout the trailer. Given that much of the principal photography took place last August in New York, they must have been quite warm. Rogen’s is particularly notable as it’s got the Star Of David on it, because his character is Jewish, and great Christmas jumpers are for everyone.

Anthony Mackie - appears to be something of a traitor to the Christmas jumper cause, unfortunately, given that in some shots from the trailer, he’s taken his off and tied it around his waist. Everyone knows that’s cheating, right? It’s even more of a shame given that his jumper is a wonderfully garish one with a black Santa Claus on the front. Gordon-Levitt’s character Ethan, meanwhile, goes for the more traditional Fair Isle look with a red, white and green jumper with reindeers across the middle.

However, there’s nothing traditional about their Christmas celebrations, judging from what we’ve seen from the trailer so far. It starts with the trio recreating the famous ‘floor piano’ scene from Big, but instead of Heart And Soul, they’re playing Runaway by Kanye West. And even that is more appropriate than the Wu Tang Clan tune that Ethan yells at Isaac’s unborn baby after giving it a Wu Tang onesie.

It also looks like Ethan gets to duet with Miley Cyrus at a karaoke club, singing her hit Wrecking Ball, and you can bet that she’ll be involved in some craziness too. But it’s Isaac who seems to bear the brunt of the mishaps from the trailer, and not just from his Christmas jumper choice. The drugs don’t agree with him, leading him to freak out in one hilarious scene after another, culminating in a disastrous church aisle puking session.

After spilling his guts, he ends up spilling his heart out to a plastic shepherd in a Nativity scene, and this is just what we’ve seen from the first trailer. There’s bound to be more to come ahead of its Thanksgiving release, when you’ll finally be able to see those majestic Christmas jumpers up on the big screen in all their glory. We’ll have to wait and see whether The Night Before can become a Christmas classic, but it does look a lot of fun.

You can watch the trailer below

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