The 18 Best Christmas TV Adverts Ever

Christmas is a huge time for brands and retailers, because it's the time of year when we all spend so much money, so it's crucial that they get their marketing right. For that reason, along with the Superbowl, it's when they pull out all the stops to grab our attention.

So here's our pick of the Best Christmas TV Adverts Ever, get ready for some nostalgia, some laughs and some tears...

We start off with this Unicef advert, which uses the story of the Three Wise Men to get its message across about the wastage of buying pointless trashy presents for people who don't need them, while others in the world need our help. Don't worry, it's quite funny too.

And don't worry, there's not many other messages on display in this list, least of all with this NBA advert, showing off special Christmas jerseys to the tune of Carol Of The Bells. Or should that be Carol Of The Balls?

This Harvey Nichols advert is a funny one that tackles the always-explosive issue of women turning up in the same dress at a party. And it tackles it with LASERS.

The oldest one in our collection, this Woolworth commercial dates back to 1981 and is a thing of pure wonder. As in, you wonder what on earth is going on.

In the UK, The Snowman has been a central part of Christmas since the early 80s and Scottish soft drink company Irn Bru cleverly riffed on it with this festive advert, which plays on the brand's cheeky image.

And then there's this one. adidas pulled out all the stops with this epic tale, packed with celebs, insinuated drug use and hip hop. You might not think Snoop Dogg would be an appropriate frontman for such a campaign, but you'd be wrong.

Here's a nicer one, with retailer SPAR doing a campaign where they planted Christmas trees and advertising it very cleverly.

This advert from Canadian Tire takes on the potentially disastrous issue of a child who moves house just before Christmas. How will Santa find him?! Don't worry kid, your Dad's got a plan.

A pretty simple but effective and classic one...

In the UK, the John Lewis Christmas advert has become a major part of the countdown to the holidays, and this is one of their best, a heartwarming tale about a snowman's journey.

This Barclaycard advert features James Corden as a stuffed bear and is like a 'real life' Toy Story. It's pretty epic and great fun.

This Marks & Spencer advert from last year just exudes class and Christmas, helped by a lovely Julie London version of Fly Me To The Moon. Magical.

In 2014, UK supermarket giant Sainsbury's used their Christmas advert to tell the story of the Christmas Day truce of 100 years earlier, when British and German forces put down their guns and played soccer. A real tearjerker.

For most of us, Christmas means both chocolates and a chance to say thank you, so this classic advert for Quality Street chocolates combines the two and throws in Perry Como too.

Another British one from the early 90s, this is simple and fun and sweet and shows that phone books could be used for many purposes, even if you never opened them. Try doing this with an iPhone (no, don't!).

JC Penney pulled out all the stops with this commercial, which is practically a mini movie. Great acting from the little girl helps make it all believable and you're really rooting for her to succeed.

If you're going to go big for your Christmas advert, go all the way, and that's what WestJet did, setting up a huge giveaway for some of their passengers. You've got to feel that the guy who asked for underwear and socks is probably still regretting it though.

Yeah, you don't need this one explaining do you?

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