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Original Funky Christmas Sweaters Range

Original Funky Christmas Sweaters Range

The Original Range of Funky Christmas Sweaters see’s the return of some old favorites and joined by some exciting new editions. Due to popular demand our famous Rudolph the Ryandeer is back and will also be available in funky Christmas red for the first year ever. The hugely popular ‘No.1 Snowball Fighter’ is ready to cause havoc on our streets again this year and we welcome back the beloved arctic duo ‘Polar Pals’. Responsible for five marriages, and countless romances we simply couldn’t let our fans miss out on the magical pick-up ability of ‘The Ice Breaker’. New to the scene for the first time ever, is ‘Dancer’ who promises to move your feet on the dance floor faster that Usain Bolts on skis. You also have the option to let yourself go by wearing ‘Extreme Santa’ or embrace the innocent yet mischievous ‘Rudolph’s Bro’. Whatever the occasion we have the sweater to match your mood.

The Original Range of Funky Christmas Sweaters are available in both men's and Women's sizes. We ship all of our Christmas, sweaters and cardigans to Ireland, the UK, the US and even the North Pole.